final_cltee_backIntroducing and maintaining a brand image is as much about the design as it is the message.  What is your brand “About” statement?  What is your slogan or tagline?  Your brand message is integrated into several promotional platforms, and how it is integrated at each stage of your branding communications strategy is vital to your brand’s perception. From your brand story and mission statement to your tagline and company boilerplate on press releases, all represent brand copywriting that are at the core of your company’s image. More important, these copywriting elements are the mainstays used to define your business, product or service. And, while your brand copy includes some of the most concise statements your company uses, brand stories are by far the most crafted and strategic to produce.

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Copywriting & Product Naming

thp_09_catalog.inddPromotional brochures and catalogs often are essential to service- and product-oriented businesses and are great avenues for showcasing individual flare.  However, it remains essential for your brand’s copywriting to be understood by its target audience, to engage consumers, and to demonstrate product quality or service expertise. Knowing how to finesse the product copy to varied audiences and in a variety of writing forums is a skill I’ve honed during more than 10 years of professional experience and formal training.

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Public Relations, Newsletters & Event Promotion

idea1Every business needs a strong Public Relations campaign.  I can help you strategize and implement a multi-tiered, strategic communications campaign that integrates some or all of the following: public relations, newsletters, media opportunities, media management, event origination, networking opportunities, social media management, blog writing, crisis public relations and targeted database development. With proven regional and national public relations and media management results, I can help you tailor your strategic communications campaign to meet your desired objectives.

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